About Us

SecurityBytes is a privately owned organisation providing services relating to IT Security to individuals and small businesses in Mauritius. Our consultants and technicians possess the requisite industry certifications, but more importantly they are equipped with a wide range of skills covering different technologies and environments.

Our Vision

To become the leading IT Security Services provider for individuals and small businesses in Mauritius. We will as long as possible continue to provide our technical leadership and innovative solutions to our client.  IT Security = SecurityBytes.

Our IT Technician

With over 6years of experience in troubleshooting, our technician has seen mostly all technical problem which may arise in a computer and laptop. From software to hardware, he can easily identify and find solution to any problem which come in front of him. He is also a holder of an international recognized certification in computer repairs, that is the CompTia A+ Certification.

Our IT Security Guy

In the IT Security field since 2009, he is a holder of CompTia Security+ certificate, CEH which the world most advanced hacking certification, and ECSA, the leading security analyst certification. He has all the necessary expertise to perform intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the information security of a system.